Past Events

Wetlands Apiary Summer Cookout

 SATURDAY 7/28 ---- Rain date SUNDAY 7/29

  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am : Live demo on alcohol wash and sugar shake prented by the Wetlands Instructors
  • Noontime: Ken Warchol's presentation on "Over Wintering" your hive

No video taping, and bee protection required if participating in the mite testing portion

If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP. Use the Wetlands Apiary Facebook Events calendar at or the contacts page on this website @

Oxalic Acid and Package Seminar


Saturday, September 14th at 10:00 am

Location: 207 Alger Street, Brockton, MA


Bob Johnson will be giving a presentation on Oxalic Acid.

Bob Hickey will give a presentation on Queen Reading with the Doolittle method

Dave Lewcon will be giving a presentation on Spring packages.